Largely in honor of the stellar double billed show of LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip I was able to catch on Monday (show review), I thought now was as good of a time as any to feature Hot Chip in a Live Friday session. A couple days before their Chicago show, the band spent a little time at Minnesota Public Radio to do an interview and play a couple songs. Not only is Hot Chip pretty excellent in a live setting, but they’re also pretty hilarious in interviews. So the guys played three songs off their latest record “One Life Stand” and then chatted about their current tour, how some of their new material is more designed for a non-club environment, and whether or not they’re secretly making pop culture references in their lyrics. Everything is handled with smart, self-effacing humor. You can stream the interview by clicking the link below, and of course the tracks are fully downloadable which is something I encourage you to do.

Hot Chip, Live on MPR 10-21-10:
Hot Chip – Take It In (Live on MPR)
Hot Chip – Alley Cats (Live on MPR)
Hot Chip – Hand Me Down Your Love (Live on MPR)

Stream the entire interview/session

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