Checking back through my personal, handwritten archives of this here website (see: Google currently is disabling my access to 3+ years of online archives), it looks like I featured The Walkmen on a Live Friday session back in May of 2009. They were still out supporting their last album “You & Me”, and put up a great set of material from that excellent record. Well, here we are a year and a half later and they’ve got a brand new album out ,”Lisbon”, and it’s one of 2010’s best. I’m pleased to share this session with you from the band as they do 4 songs from that record, recorded just over a week ago. There’s also an interview you can stream below, where the band talks about the origins of the “Lisbon” title, and whether or not each new album is a response to the one before it. Enjoy.

The Walkmen – Blue As Your Blood (Live on WXPN)
The Walkmen – Angela Surf City (Live on WXPN)
The Walkmen – Juveniles (Live on WXPN)
The Walkmen – Woe Is Me (Live on WXPN)

Stream the entire interview/session 

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