Pretty great set of songs for today’s Pick Your Poison. The new Blonde Redhead album “Penny Sparkle” is out next week, and you can grab a preview track below. And though the album has been out for awhile, Field Music have just given out another song off of it. You can also get a brand new song from The Tallest Man on Earth, who has a new EP available digitally now. Also worth checking out are songs from Jesse Woods, Low Sea and Royal Baths. Seriously, some excellent stuff. By all means download away.

Blonde Redhead – Not Getting There

The Cloud I’m Under – Bleed

Field Music – All You’d Ever Need to Say

Gary Wilson – Electric Endicott

The Horror, The Horror – Time Is A Spinning Wheel
The Horror, The Horror – Black Barn

Jesse Woods – Sparks

Levels – El Jardin

Low Sea – Falling
Low Sea – Never Yours

Ned Oldham – The One Light

Royal Baths – Nikki Don’t

The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know

The Tallest Man on Earth – Like the Wheel  

Tara Simmons – I Cannot Be Saved
Tara Simmons – All You Can