An interesting collection of mp3s being offered up in today’s Pick Your Poison. There’s a Bob Marley cover from Kae Sun that’s fascinating mostly for how it gets re-interpreted. You might also be so inclined to check out tracks from Rooftop Vigilantes, Shilpa Ray and Darren Hanlon. The great Robert Wyatt is also part of a new trio that’s got an album coming out, the first mp3 of which you can dlownload below as well.

Amy Bezunartea – Doubles

A Bad Think – I’ll Wait Forever  (m4a)

Darren Hanlon – Buy Me Presents

Kae Sun – Natural Mystic (Bob Marley cover)

Lucinda Black Bear – Knives

Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children – Good For You (I Would Be)

Rooftop Vigilantes – Kitty Vacant

Shilpa Ray – Venus Shaver

Teletextile – What If I

True Womanhood – Dream Cargoes

Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen’s – Laura