Great stuff in today’s Pick Your Poison, but what else is new? There’s a new track from Chicago’s own The 1900s that’s absolutely great. You can also download a track from Anoraak that features Sally Shapiro. The band Parallels does a cover of The Ramones’ “Pet Semetary” that’s pretty decent. Also recommended are tracks from Shit Robot and White Noise Sound.

The 1900s – Babies

Anoraak – Don’t Be Afraid (ft. Sally Shapiro)

Eminem – Lose Yourself (Don Diablo Remix)

Gigi (Ejigayehu Shibawbaw) – Shemum Mune

Go Rydell – The Golden Age

Leila Broussard – Satellite

The Moaners – Cowboy Bob

Parallels – Pet Semetary (Ramones cover)

Plates of Cake – Emil the Soldier

Polymorphic – Apocalypse (Noise Invaders Remix)
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Robert Svensson – Runaway

Sebastian Blanck – Empire of the Free

Shit Robot – Tuff Enough (Radio Edit)

White Noise Sound – Sunset