If you’ve got yourself a Garfield case of Monday-itis, don’t worry too much – Pick Your Poison will help get you through this trying time. Be sure to give a listen to a new song from The Migrant, whose album comes out tomorrow. For fans of covers, Sky Larkin does a halfway decent rendition of Heart”s “Barracuda”. There’s also a remix of a Starfucker song and a track from Vanity Theft that’s worth your time.

Doppelganger – Breaks My Head

Embarassing Fruits – Vanishing Frontier

Girl Haggard – Modern Lovers

Jerry Granelli – Wait for the Machine

The Migrant – In the Sun

Mr. Little Jeans – Faking Gold

One in a Googolplex – Monolith
One in a Googolplex – Just Like You

RocketNumberNine – You Reflect Me

Sky Larkin – Barracuda (Heart cover)

Starfucker – Julius (Painted Palms Remix)

Tied to the Branches – Fog

Vanity Theft – Anatomy