This week’s edition of Live Friday is proud to feature a session from Akron, Ohio’s own Black Keys. The band released their sixth and newest album “Brothers” back in May to what’s ultimately continued critical acclaim. Sure, it may not be the greatest Black Keys record, but it does feel like a return to their bluesy form after the much more psychedelic turn they took on 2008’s “Attack and Release”. The album was recorded at a few studios around the country, including the legendary Muscle Shoals in Alabama and The Bunker in Brooklyn. The band talks a little bit about that during the interview portion of the session, which is available to stream via the link below. But one of the more recent developments in The Black Keys’ camp is that singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach had built his own studio in their hometown of Akron. Ostensibly the band no longer needs to use any other studio when making albums, and they have the convenience of being able to use it 24/7 free of charge. Of course that doesn’t mean they’re going to always use the new studio, and they can also have a little fun with it by inviting people over to hang out while they play some songs. That’s what much of this session is. Recorded the week that “Brothers” was released to stores, the band plays four songs from the album at the unofficially titled “Auerbach Studios”. The Black Keys are known to be a vibrant and exciting live act, and touring around this record they’ve gone from a duo to a foursome just to help flesh out the song arrangements a little bit more. It shows in this session, which is nothing short of excellent. Download the songs, stream the interview, and have a great weekend.

The Black Keys, Live at Dan Auerbach’s studio, 5-20-10:
The Black Keys – Too Afraid To Love (Live at Auerbach Studios)
The Black Keys – Tighten Up (Live at Auerbach Studios)
The Black Keys – Everlasting Light (Live at Auerbach Studios)
The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You (Live at Auerbach Studios)

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