Just keeping you all apprised of the situation, with the insanity that is Lollapalooza set for this upcoming weekend, there will be no Pick Your Poison on Friday. So if that’s something you were looking forward to, apologies there. Just think of it as delayed until Monday. But we’re only mid-way through this week, and today’s edition has its share of gems. Among my personal selections, Dashing Suns is a cool band you should check out. Kelly Stoltz is a Sub Pop artist, and given that label’s great reputation, there’s a reason why. There’s also a new song from Little Gold available for download – they’ll be playing at The Hideout with Lower Dens next Saturday the 14th if you’ll be around Chicago and are looking for something to do.

Bodhi Jones – I Used to Know How

Dashing Suns – Future Thunder
Dashing Suns – Sally Moore

Ed Vallance – Famous Last Words

Eyes Lips Eyes – Tickle

Fox in the Henhouse – Fears

Imbogodom – Unseen Ticket

Karnivool – Set Fire to the Hive (Radio Edit)

Kelly Stoltz – I Don’t Get That

Like Pioneers – Gift From A Holiday

Little Gold – Chainsaw

Markus Mehr – Hubble

TWR72 – Tunnel