Another day, another set of mp3s for you to download as part of Pick Your Poison. Choose what looks good to you, and leave behind the rest. Today’s recommendations include a pair of songs from Balmorhea, a pretty cool cut from Good Weather For An Airstrike, and a band called The Gypsy Nomads you may want to check out.

Balmorhea – Night Squall
Balmorhea – Bow Spirit

Bottomless Pit – 38 Souls

Doppelganger – Breaks My Head

Good Weather For An Airstrike – The Beginning of the Rest of Our Lives

The Gypsy Nomads – Makeout

Jenny Wilson – Only Here for the Fight

Juliette Commagere – Impact

Thinking Machines – Nothing Feels the Same

Valient Thorr – Double Crossed

William Brittelle – Sheena Easton