It’s Monday, the start of another week, but take comfort in the fact that July is close to being over. Unless of course you love this month and its typically oppressive heat. Today’s Pick Your Poison highlights include s new song from Burnt Ones. I can also definitely recommend the track from Little Gold, and there’s something new from Fleet Foxes’ own J. Tillman, who’s got another solo record out soon. Enjoy!

Backwords – Quilt and Then Sigh

The Bird and the Monkey – If Love’s A Cure

Burnt Ones – Burnt To Lose

Clean Equations – Buried Translations

Don Diablo – Klassroom Mix at Kissy Sell Out Show (BBC Radio 1)

Ezequiel Ezequiel – Dear Permafrost

Gladshot – Nobody’s Looking

J. Tillman – Three Sisters

Lazy – Who Could Break Your Heart

Little Gold – Completely Fucked!

Styrofoam Ones – Blue Lines

Sunset – Loveshines II

Titles – Pillow Case