It’s only Tuesday and the music keeps coming. Yes, there’s plenty of songs for you to amuse yourself with today. The clear highlight of all these songs is the brand new Blonde Redhead track. If you’ve not yet heard it or downloaded it, it comes highly recommended. You might also want to check out songs from Steve Mason and Procedure Club. Trust me when I say though that there might not be a whole lot of songs familiar to you in this bunch, but many of them are worthwhile whether you know it or not. That’s kind of the point of Pick Your Poison.

Blonde Redhead – Here Sometimes

Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop (Rap Mix)

The Emotron – Drink A Beer For Me

Focus – Hocus Pocus (Buffetlibre Remix)

Landing On the Moon – She Wants

Luna Is Honey – Claws

Neighbors – Hooligans

Procedure Club – Feel Sorry For Me

Random Patterns – Psychic Luau

Sad Day for Puppets – Monster & the Beast

Son of the Sun – The Other Side

Steve Mason – Am I Just A Man

The Stone Foxes – I Killed Robert Johnson

Unicycle Loves You – Mirror, Mirror