This week’s Live Friday, as many of them tend to be, is nothing short of excellent. What excites me the most is that it features a band responsible for one of my favorite releases of 2010 so far. That would be Local Natives, and if you’ve yet to hear their debut album “Gorilla Manor”, you are most definitely missing out on something great. Between the insanely catchy hooks and the gripping vocal harmonies, their sound is like having Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and The Dodos all rolled into one. What makes this live session for Minnesota Public Radio exceptional as well is that all the songs are performed acoustically. If you’ve wanted to hear reinterpretations of the album tracks, or are just wondering if they can pull off those harmonies in a live setting (hint: YES), then this session is gold. The interview with the band, available for streaming below, talks a little about their origins and the benefits of living together with your bandmates while recording. They also talk about meeting David Byrne and his impression of their cover of the Talking Heads song “Warning Sign”. Good stuff all around, and most definitely worth a listen. Enjoy your extended Memorial Day weekend!

Local Natives, Live on MPR 5-18-10:
Local Natives – Wide Eyes (Acoustic Live on MPR)
Local Natives – Sticky Thread (Acoustic Live on MPR)
Local Natives – Airplane (Acoustic Live on MPR)

Stream the entire interview/performance

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