Tegan and Sara might not have earned any love from me for their latest album “Sainthood”, but I still think they’re wonderful. Shortly after “Sainthood” was released, the twin sisters put on a performance for Spinner’s The Interface which was coincidentally filmed and is available for streaming via the link below. Tegan and Sara apparently liked that set enough that they made the decision to press a 7 inch EP of the songs for this past Record Store Day. Titled “Live: Saints”, they play four tracks from their latest record sans an audience. It’s good, and about the only thing missing is the effortlessly hilarious banter between the sisters Quin. Check it out, it makes me smile.

Tegan and Sara, Live on The Interface:
Tegan and Sara – Alligator (Live on the Interface)
Tegan and Sara – Hell (Live on the Interface)
Tegan and Sara – The Cure (Live on the Interface)
Tegan and Sara – On Directing (Live on the Interface)

Stream video of the performance on The Interface

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