For my fellow Chicagoans, let me tell you for a brief moment about a worthwhile show happening in town. It’s happening tomorrow (Thursday), so take note that if you’re reading this after 9/6/12, you’re already too late. For those that aren’t though, there’s a strong triple bill happening at Township. Noise FM, Birds & Batteries and Moritat will all be performing at this 21+ show. It starts at 9pm and tickets are only $8. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth it. A small bit of background on these bands. The Noise FM are one of Chicago’s hardest working bands. They always seem like they’re touring and playing shows either nationally or in and around Chicago. If you go to enough shows in the city, you’ve probably seen them once or twice or a bunch more than that. Their sound is bouncy and fun rock that’s both danceable and intelligent. Listen to their music at Bandcamp. I’ve featured Birds & Batteries on this site a few times, but if you missed those tracks and want to know what they’re all about, stream their new EP Stray Light on Soundcloud. They’re a really high energy synth pop band, which really meshes well on a bill with The Noise FM. As for Moritat, they’re a pretty hotly rising Chicago band whose sound is challenging to define. That’s a good thing though, because one minute they’re awash in ethereal synths and the next they’re driving hard with guitars. Above all though they’re impressive musicians with a bunch of catchy songs that are quickly gaining them attention from all the right places. Their new album Clill Blanzin is the perfect 10-track example of what they do best. Stream or buy the whole thing at Bandcamp, or for a quick taste download the mp3 for their song “Cats” with a simple click. So yeah, a great bill at a small venue for a small cost which I’m recommending you go and see. It’d be nice to claim that you saw them before they became big. Buy tickets to the show via this link. Okay, now let’s tackle today’s Pick Your Poison. Track recommendations? I’ve got those covered. Don’t miss downloads from Cajsa Siik, Easy Lover, Erin Costelo, Midnight Magic, Swim and The Valery Trails. In the Soundcloud section, stream good stuff from Prince Sunarawma (the collaboration between Sun Araw and Prince Rama) and Savoir Adore.

Cajsa Siik – Was I Supposed To

Cheval Sombre – Couldn’t Do

Easy Lover – End of the Season
Easy Lover – New Maggie

EP’s Trailer Park – Another Sun

Erin Costelo – Oh Me Oh My

Florence and the Machine – Falling (From Jupiter Remix)

Glitches – No Prisoners

Jo Mango – Cordelia

Le Roi Crocodile – Youth Decay

Midnight Magic – Same Way I Feel

Russell M. Harmon – Without You, I’d Cease

Sudakistan – El Movimiento (Teenhaze Edit)

Swim – Hold On

Theatre of Delays – Alpha (Vangelis cover)

Tidy Street – Love is a Verb (Rough Mix)

The Valery Trails – Too Soon Forgotten

XOV – Black & White


Mock & Toof – My Head

Prince Sunarawma – Irene

Savoir Adore – Regalia

Ummagma – Lama

Vices – Dying Day