Lollapalooza starts tomorrow, and I’ve got plenty of business to take care of before then. As such, I’ll be brief. Today’s notable tracks via Pick Your Poison come from Collarbones, Girls, Kites With Lights, Rachael Yamagata, and San Cisco.

Billie the Vision and the Dancers – Summercat

Bush Doctors – Night Booty

Chappo – Bodies Coasting

Collarbones – The Ghostship

Colour Revolt – Moat (Demo)
Colour Revolt – We Are Memories (Demo)

Computer Blue – Game Boy

Dudes – Somethin’ 2 Say

Flamingo – Superpalm
Flamingo – Brown Lighter (ft. Dumbo Gets Mad)

Girls – Vomit

The Glass Cabin – Bad Teenagers (ft. Drew Zaremba)

Kites With Lights – Cosmonauts

La Chansons – Dr. + Nurse (LC Dubstep Mix)

Mapuche – She Unsaid

The Minor Leagues – Ghost Maps
The Minor Leagues – Please Don’t Throw My Love Away

Rachael Yamagata – Starlight

Red Eye Fugu – Night Runner

Remodel – This Isn’t A Love Song
Remodel – Situational Tragedy Pt. 2

Retro/Grade – Mindfighter (Blue Satellite Remix)

San Cisco – Golden Revolver


Aly – Follow Me (Richard Dinsdale Remix)

Deca – Due Time

John West – Loved You Tonight