This week’s Live Friday session is from none other than the absolutely wonderful She & Him. The band, in case you didn’t know, is comprised of singer-songwriter M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel. Their origins stem largely from Deschanel becoming friends with Ward and later revealing to him that she had written a whole bunch of songs. The sound is classic AM pop music from the good ‘ol days of the 1950’s and 60’s. Their last album, “Volume One” came out a couple years back, and they’re now headed out on the road to tour surrounding its also-great sequel “Volume Two”, which was released a couple months ago. This session was recorded for WXPN in Philadelphia, but the band was actually at Capitol Studios in California warming up for their tour. No matter how it was recorded, the session is very fun and sunny, much like the weather these days in anticipation of summer’s full arrival.

Should you want to hear the interview with the band as well, which you can stream via the link below, Ward and Deschanel talk a little about how the band came to be, what their influences are, and how they decided on the couple cover songs they’ve included on “Volume Two” (one of which they played during the session, available to download below). Pretty good stuff, and if you can or are so inclined, you should see She & Him out on tour for much of the next few months. Have a great weekend!

She & Him – Live from Capitol Studios – 5-7-10:
She & Him – In the Sun (Live from Capitol Studios)
She & Him – Thieves (Live from Capitol Studios)
She & Him – Me and You (Live from Capitol Studios)
She & Him – Ridin’ in My Car (Live from Capitol Studios)

Stream the entire interview/session

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