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Pick Your Poison: Monday 10-16-17

We’ve halfway through October, and as somebody who loves this month with unexpected passion, that makes me just a tiny bit sad. But there’s still lots of great music to enjoy, including downloads in this set from Blake Banks, Derek Hoke, The Dream System, and Thorp Jenson (covering Modern English). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from ABISHA, David Harks, Foreign Air, Jaye Bartell, Jessie Reyez, The Knocks & Captain Cuts, Lenka, Pegboard Nerds (ft. Taylor Bennett & Skylr), Robokid & phem, Secretsundaze, Slothrust (covering Britney Spears), and Steve Angello (ft. Pusha T).

WaxFang – Glass Island (ft. Lacey Guthrie)

Blake Banks – California Girls

Cubenx – Transect

Derek Hoke – So Tired

The Dream System – Losing All of You

Nan Kolè – Out of the Cage (Subpac Optimised)

Thorp Jenson – I Melt With You (Modern English cover)

XTC – Grass (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 10-12-17

Plenty of bright spots in today’s Pick Your Poison, but make sure not to miss new tracks from Cut Worms, Teen Daze, and Tennis. Other songs you can find after the jump come from the likes of Dagny, D I G I T A L 2 1 + S T E F A N O L S D A L (covering Moderat), Femdot, The Fluids, Forever, Maurice Moore, RL Grime, Shiffley, and Tchami & Malaa.

Cut Worms – Song of the Highest Tower

Teen Daze – Kilika

Tennis – I Miss That Feeling

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 10-10-17

The highlights of today’s Pick Your Poison come from the likes of Jessica Boudreaux, Tracy Bonham (ft. Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis), and Warbly Jets. Journey past the jump for other tracks from Dillon Francis (ft. Yung Pinch), John Keek, JVST SAY YES, Kodie Shane, rAHHH, Sara Diamond, STRØM, Totally Mild, and WESTSIDEDOOM.

Jessica Boudreaux – Pulling Away

Tracy Bonham – The Real (ft. Sadie Dupuis)

Warbly Jets – RIDE

Pick Your Poison: Monday 10-9-17

Yet another Monday has come too soon, so let’s make the most of it with another fresh edition of Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Cotton Mather, Fred Wickham, Little Shrine, Mo Troper, and Yo No Say. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Anna St. Louis, A. Savage (Parquet Courts), Chelsea Cutler, CHILDCARE, Fhin, filous (ft. Emily Warren), Gramatik & Balkan Bump (ft. Talib Kweli), Hayden James (ft. GRAACE), John Edge (ft. Blackmill), KRANE & QUIX, Pale Grey, and Private Island.

Adam & Elvis – Thick Bob

Cotton Mather – Eleanor Plunge

Fred Wickham – You Don’t Need Me

Instant Smile – ADHD (It’s No Fun)

Little Shrine – Stone

Mo Troper – Wicked

Sage One The Wise – Into the Wild (ft. Dave Allen)

Yo No Say – Lock

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 10-5-17

The new Blondage single “Call It Off” reminds me of Charli XCX, and I mean that in the most complimentary way. It’s well written, with a catchy chorus and a few experimental elements thrown in for good measure. Not sure what I was expecting from Mr. Yolk’s new song “Star Light Head Light”, but lightly psychedelic indie rock was not it. That said, I was pleasantly surprised and enraptured with the track, and encourage you to give it a shot to see if it effects you in the same way. Hoping you’ll also find the bright, folk-strewn energy of Peter Matthew Bauer’s latest track “Full Moon In The Sky” to your liking. The former Walkmen member has really come into his own as a solo artist, and this one absolutely soars. Make like Van Halen and take the jump to discover more new music from the likes of Darius (ft. Wayne Snow), Donna Missal, GHITA, Jack Massic (ft. Julia Ross), Jason Nolan, Kiana Lede, The Rentals, Silvia Kastel, and Tempesst.

Blondage – Call It Off

Mr. Yolk – Star Light Head Light

Peter Matthew Bauer – Full Moon In The Sky

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 10-4-17

It’s funny – I’ve always kind of placed The Tallest Man on Earth and Asgeir into a similar sonic basket, pretty much counting both as being indebted to the folk roots of Bob Dylan for their sound and success. Well, now Asgeir has gone ahead and covered one of The Tallest Man on Earth’s best songs, creating a fun little bit of cross-pollination. It’s a nicely different interpretation of “There’s No Leaving Now” than the original, so I encourage you to check it out. Fans of super catchy synth pop should be hip to BOYBOY, who’s got a dynamic new single out to enjoy and maybe even dance to. Additionally, let me throw some weight behind the new song “The Fool” from OCS, which is an offshoot of (fka Thee) Oh Sees. The difference between the two projects is the sound, as Oh Sees are loud and brash garage rock, while OCS is quiet and delicate. “The Fool” certainly makes that abundantly clear, with string and horn arrangements shifting in and out of this sedate ballad. Get sucked into its beauty. You may also enjoy other tracks in this set from artists such as Bermuda Triangle, Boys, Ella Grace, Geographer, Louis the Child (ft. Ashe), Mielo, Palms Trax, Sam Evian, and STRFKR.

Asgeir – There’s No Leaving Now (The Tallest Man on Earth cover)


OCS – The Fool

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 10-3-17

The electro-pop duo known as Kllo has been making music for a few years now, but have yet to release a full-length album. That’s set to change in about 3 weeks when Backwater makes its way into the world. Get a taste of their unique sound with the subtle yet addictive new song “Dissolve”. I’ve always had great admiration for Miya Folick’s voice, which is used to powerful effect on her singles and EPs. Her new one Give It to Me will be out in exactly one month, and on it she covers Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock”. It provides an excellent way to show off her range, proving she still sounds amazing even when she’s not wailing against a storm of guitars. There’s something very ’90s about the new Plush song “50/50 20/20”, and I think it’s the guitars, which fall somewhere between Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and My Bloody Valentine. It’s really impressive stuff, and I’d strongly encourage you to take the 6.5 minute trip as Plush cements their status as a band to watch. Beyond that, fly past the jump for more songs from the likes of Antwon (ft. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal), Chad Valley, DJ Seinfeld, HICARI, Ivan Dorn, Jay Pryor, Satica (ft. Sakima), Sharon Van Etten, and T-Mass & Jaxxtone (ft. Bianca).

Kllo – Dissolve

Miya Folick – Woodstock (Joni Mitchell cover)

Plush – 50/50 20/20

Pick Your Poison: Monday 10-2-17

What a tragic day, and a tragic way to start the month of October. It was heartbreaking to wake up this morning to the news coming out of Las Vegas, with the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history taking place at a music festival on Sunday night. At least 59 people have lost their lives so far, and hundreds more have been injured. As if that wasn’t depressing enough, we also lost music legend Tom Petty today. He was found in total cardiac failure, and after being taken to the hospital, wound up passing away. He was 66. There’s so much to say about both of these things, and while I could realistically write long essays about them, they’d probably only reiterate what so many others are already saying or have already said. We need more common sense gun control. Petty inspired generations of musicians and he will be missed. Right now I’m a little too sad and heartbroken to really dive any deeper than that. Do your best to take action by contacting lawmakers, volunteering, and contributing money or blood to Las Vegas victims. Listen to some Petty while formulating those plans. When you’re ready, maybe give some of the songs below a shot too. Allow me to recommend downloads in this set from Alex Bent + the Emptiness, Etches, George Ryan and Static In Verona. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from BORNS, BRIDGE, CYN, EDEN, Elohim, Heartstreets, Jesse Kivel, Kotek & Littlemore, Lil Sko, Lil Yachty & Young Thug, T-Pain (ft. Blac Youngsta), and Yaeji.

After Hours Radio – Maryland

Alex Bent + the Emptiness – Blame Me

Etches – Human Facade

George Ryan – Nah, Nah, Nah

Monster Rally – Sunny Sloth

Renart – Acid Trap

Static In Verona – Madeline

YØUTH – Alright, Kid

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 9-27-17

If there’s one thing you can count on from Lindstrom, it’s consistency. The Norwegian producer has been a steady presence in the world of electronica for awhile now, and his new track “Tensions” holds steady while hopefully inspiring you to do the opposite. Members of Chastity Belt, TacocaT, and Lisa Prank have formed Who Is She?, which makes dizzyingly simple yet addictive guitar pop that’ll leave you charmed in quick fashion. Their debut album is out next Friday, so if you like what you hear, maybe pick that up? Also out next Friday is Wild Ones’ Mirror Touch, and you can stream new song “Invite Me In” below. It’s a gorgeous, atmospheric pop song that reminds me of Purity Ring but with more overdubbed harmonies. Take a close look past the jump for other new tracks from the likes of Future Animals, Moullinex (ft. Shermar), The Patient, Peter Oren, Pink Kink, salute (ft. Gabrielle Aplin), Trippie Redd, plus a couple of remixes from the likes of Jamie LIdell and Yeasayer. Enjoy!

Lindstrøm – Tensions

Who Is She? – Seattle Freeze

Wild Ones – Invite Me In

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 9-26-17

A jangly slice of country-fried folk is the way I’d describe the latest track from A. Savage (Parquet Courts), who is preparing to release his solo debut in mid-October. So far, so good in previews for that record, even of it’s likely to be a more minor release compared to anything his main band puts out. Elsewhere, I’d encourage you to drink in the smooth atmospherics and head-bobbing beats that come with Dresage’s “Renaissance”. Some very Zero 7 vibes radiating off of that one. Those interested in taking a long, strange trip should (re)visit with Half Waif’s “Dream Cycle”. A 9.5 minute journey divided into five distinct yet seamless parts, this was originally composed as part of 2016’s self-released Probable Depths, which will be getting a reissue and first-ever vinyl pressing thanks to Cascine. Other artists in this set include Cautious Clay, FEHM, Jeremy Zucker, Lieza, Pepe, Sure Sure, Tre Sera & Sevim, Twain, plus Ellie Herring’s great remix of a track by Dream Wife.

A. Savage – Phantom Limbo

Dresage – Renaissance

Half Waif – Dream Cycle

Pick Your Poison: Monday 9-25-17

Chicago is getting an early fall heat wave, and in all honesty I couldn’t be happier about it. Well, outside of the whole climate change factor that’s probably behind it. But I’m not ready for pumpkin spice and Halloween just yet (we’re still over a month away), so an extra dose of summer will always be welcome. Let’s get into today’s Pick Your Poison, which has a bunch of hot tracks to hopefully match the weather. Notable downloads in this set come from The Lymbs, Shining Mirrors, Tony Range, and Warning Light. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new stuff from Cults, Dark0, DJ Snake (ft. Lauv), Document, Emma Jensen, Hoodie Allen, Luna Shadows (covering Brand New), Shy Luv (ft. Bakar), Strange Ranger, Upstairs Open, VON GREY, and Warm Brew.

Gestures & Sounds – Ass Over Tea Kettle

The Lymbs – In A Hall of Mirrors

Melanie? – 16 Candles

The Morning Yells – She Got Time

Shining Mirrors – Cardiac

Tony Range – Love Story

Warning Light – Gloworming Through the Southern Skies

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 9-21-17

Torch songs are typically at their best when paired with a compelling voice. Jesse Jo Stark has that type of voice, and her “Deadly Doll” is all the better because of it. If you like Lana Del Rey and Lykke Li, don’t miss this one. Similarly, Kristin Kontrol is back with another strong synth pop single. “Concrete Love” might not be the best thing she’s ever done, but her vocals and lyrics get very high marks. Then there’s Stone Temple Pilots, reaching back into the archives as they prepare to re-release their debut album Core for a special 25th anniversary edition. You can hear a demo cut “Only Dying” in remembrance of Scott Weiland. Cross over the jump and discover more new music from the likes of Emancipator, John Marera & Will Martin, LEViTATE & Macntaj, OMD, Pale Grey, Rina Sawayama, Shannon Lay, The She’s, and Trevor Hall.

Jesse Jo Stark – Deadly Doll

Kristin Kontrol – Concrete Love

Stone Temple Pilots – Only Dying (Demo)

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 9-20-17

Jessica Boudreaux of the garage rock band Summer Cannibals will be putting out her solo debut this November, and you can get a taste of what it sounds like below. She worked on some of the tracks with Hutch Harris of The Thermals, and I’d like to think that it’s helped. Meanwhile, I also can’t seem to resist the tracks being put out by Novo Amor & Ed Tullett. “Silvery” continues to harness some powerful folk and falsetto pairings. This is a must for any fans of Bon Iver. Similarly, fans of Washed Out and Jamie xx might really latch onto Superheart’s “Count On Me”, which is the perfect soundtrack for wandering around a glowing city in the middle of the night. If you’ll be so kind as to join me past the jump, you’ll be able to hear additional tracks in this set from Cosmos & Creature, Falcons (ft. KingJet), Herobust, I’m Not A Band, KRANE, The Man Who, Max Styler (ft. CXLOE), Noah Kahan, and TACHES.

Jessica Boudreaux – Ask Me to Stay

Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – Silvery

Superheart – Count On Me

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 9-19-17

There’s a very ’80s vibe to Now, Now’s new single “Yours,” though it also feels like the sort of song that’d be right at home on the latest Haim record. In other words, it’s pretty good and quite catchy, so give it a shot. Speaking of the ’80s, Ski Lodge’s latest track has a similar synth-heavy vibe, but with reflections of The Psychedelic Furs and The Cars echoing throughout. The synths continue on Slow Magic’s “Drum”, but the sound is far more modern, with intense beats and samples cycling through most of it at the frenetic pace of a helicopter blade. It’s a boss instrumental that might be a little too fast for most to dance to, but that’s perfectly okay. Other artists you can find after the jump include alxxa (covering Rihanna), Andrew Applepie (ft. Bjurman), Cardiknox, Demo Taped, MADDEE, Post Malone (ft. 21 Savage), Sean Christopher, Swimming Tapes, and Tove Stryke.

Now, Now – Yours

Ski Lodge – Secure

Slow Magic – Drum

Pick Your Poison: Monday 9-18-17

It was a great weekend at Riot Fest, but boy am I tired today! Let’s just get right to it with the new music, shall we? Don’t miss downloads in this set from Broke Royals, Orbital, Tree Machines, and Way Yes. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Airiel, BADBADNOTGOOD (ft. Colin Stetson), Chams, Grooms, HAN, Jamie Lidell, Jesse Kivel, Keep Shelly in Athens, Marged (ft. AOBeats & Jailo), Slothrust (covering Marcy Playground), Smut, and Wild Ones.

Broke Royals – As Long As I Can See

Fujiya & Miyagi – Collarbone (AKDKS Osteology Mix)

J Hacha de Zola – March of the Hollowmen

Orbital – Copenhagen

Skaciety – Yesterday’s News

Slade Actahvis – Yah Yah

Tree Machines – Up For Air

Way Yes – Dead Ringer

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