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Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 12-20-16

As we roll into the final weeks of 2016, I only feel it’s fair to warn you that things are both slowing down and picking up here at Faronheit HQ. Specifically, there’s less going on new music-wise, which means that until we reach about mid-January, the Pick Your Poison posts will become fewer and farther between. For example, this is the only set of new music you’ll be getting this week. For me personally, it’s nice to get a little bit of a break from what’s otherwise a very busy time 11 other months out of the year. But I’m also using the extra time productively, as I finish up writing for the Listmas posts highlighting the best music from 2016. That should be up and available for your reading pleasure between Christmas and New Year’s. So, you know, fun stuff. In the meantime, please enjoy these downloads from Corner Suns (ft. Sarah Jaffe), Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins, Emma Heartbeat and Jordan Burchel. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Alasdair Roberts, Alex Clare, Ava Gloomy, clipping. (ft. SICKNESS), Knox Hamilton, Michael Angelakos (of Passion Pit), Ryan Hemsworth (ft. RYAN Playground & swim good now), So Stressed, Why?, Zimmer (ft. Fhin) and more. If I don’t talk to you, have a great holiday!

Corner Suns – The Rattle in the Room (ft. Sarah Jaffe)

Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins – Faded

David Armstrong – Destiny

Emma Heartbeat – Radio, Oh Radio

Frank Rabeyrolles – Sick (Demo)

Jordan Burchel – Lilymoore Pts 1 & 2

Noktiluc – Los Caminos

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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 12-15-16

Okay, I’ve got Christmas shopping to do and a wedding to attend in Ohio this weekend, so let’s get this show on the road, shall we? Today’s edition of Pick Your Poison features downloads from Blake Rainey & His Demons, Masta Killa, MNTN, Quiet Boy and TheSpvceAge (ft. TDot Illdude). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Bassel & the Supernaturals, GEMS, JAX, Julie Byrne, Little Simz, Mating Ritual, Oliver Riot, Satchmode, Serengeti + Sicker Man, Shy Girls, Uppermost and more!

Blake Rainey & His Demons – Losing My Way

Deep Cuts – Comatose Come Christmas

Masta Killa – Therapy

MNTN – One Lonely Star

Nevada Nevada – 900 Days

Quiet Boy – Redeem

Rat Fancy – You Stole My Xmas Sweater

TheSpvceAge – You (ft. TDot Illdude)

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 12-12-16

If I recall correctly, last year there was some “concern” by a number of people in the Chicagoland area that we were not going to have a “white” Christmas. As the holidays were approaching, there was a distinct lack of snow, and pretty much anything that did fall wound up melting in relatively short order. Clearly 2016 is a different year, and as we have seen time and time again, content to mess with our expectations at every turn. After the second week in a row of receiving several inches of snow despite not even being halfway through December, bitter cold, below zero temperatures are now on tap for this week. Suddenly things are starting to feel much closer to February than December. So while I shake my fist angrily at the Polar Vortex, how about some more new music to get the blood flowing. Don’t miss downloads from John Wesley Coleman III, Jordan Burchel, Royale and Strae. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Androma & Kulkid, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Emmit Fenn, Grammar, Hand Habits, Kodie Shane (ft. Lil Yachty), Krewella, Little Simz (ft. Tilla), Quinn XCII, Sondre Larche and more!

The Ferdy Mayne – Pears and Asian Wine

John Wesley Coleman III – Hang Tight

Jordan Burchel – Blesh

Mickey 9s – Superman

Royale – Thursday

Strae – Lioness

Terek Ke – I Wanna What Love Is

Vigo Thieves – Razorblade

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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 12-8-16

Let’s jump right into another fun set of music to help make your week move along that much more quickly. There are some great downloads in this set from The Gods Themselves, Krallice, Minor Moon and Richie Quake. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Ab-Soul, Best Night Ever, Dominic, Fenech-Soler, Grails, Kristin Kontrol, Lil Yachty (ft. A$AP Ferg), Mega Bog, Moon Duo, Wale and more!

Confabulation – Thula Borah

The Gods Themselves – COOL

Kissing Party – Warren City Christmas

Krallice – Hate Power

Mayhaw Hoons – The Swinger

Minor Moon – Weird How We Float

Richie Quake – Try

Vague – Corner

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 12-5-16

Hope your weekend was fantastic. Recovering from the first snowfall of the season here in Chicago, so that’s both fun and not fun at the same time. There’s something magical and majestic about snow-covered landscapes, but the whole cold, slushy mess tends to wreak havoc on the streets which isn’t great. Ah well. Got a very magical and majestic set of songs for you in today’s Pick Your Poison, and you don’t even need to exit the house to hear it. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Moonlapse, Poster, Steph Barrak, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! and White James. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Austin Millz (ft. Tunji Ige), Carneyval & Jackson Breit, Dear Nora, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Life Is Better Blonde (covering Frank Ocean), Run the Jewels, Smallpools, Urochromes, Whispers Beirut and more!

Exit Someone – Michael K

Moonlapse – Dark Root Omen

Poster – Better Something

Roshambo – What She Says

Steph Barrak – So Familiar

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! – Weird Times

White James – Oh-No

Zagata – Kill Me One More Time

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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 12-1-16

Now that we’re in December, it feels like as good of a time as any to mention that the annual year-end extravaganza known as Listmas will be kicking off later this month. It’s reason enough to get a little bit excited, though I’m sure as the month wears on and everybody puts out their “best of” lists this whole thing will start to feel like an exercise in tedium. At the very least, putting together these lists and carefully reflecting back on the year in music is a distinct and worthwhile pleasure. Also a pleasure? Another edition of Pick Your Poison. In this set, you won’t want to miss downloads from Almond&Olive, Lazy Legs, Moon Rabbit and The Obsessed. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from G-Eazy (ft. Ashley Rose), Golden Features (ft. Julia Stone), Gutxi Bibang, Jaylib, Parcels, Rationale, Sofi de la Torre (ft. Blackbear), Sudan Archives, Uniform and more!

All the People – Operator

Almond&Olive – Mulberry Hill

Equinox – Goodbie (ft. Dementio13)

Lazy Legs – Chain of Pink

MC Bravado – Enough’s Enough (ft. Eze Jackson)

Moon Rabbit – Still Together (Against All Newton’s Laws)

The Obsessed – Sodden Jackyl

W I N C H E S T E R – I’m Not Ready to Go Yet

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-28-16

After a short break for Thanksgiving, it’s good to be back in action with some more new music for your ears. Some high energy and fun tunes are good ways to help work off all that extra weight gained from feasting over the weekend. You should definitely check out downloads in this set from Agency, Holiday Sidewinder, Joe Sampson and Jordan Burchel. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Angel Haze, Best Coast, Coucheron, DAEVA, Georgia (ft. Caroline Polachek), Less Acrobats, Noveller, Savoy (ft. Porsches), Theophilus London (ft. Ariel Pink), Tobin Sprout and more!

Agency – Coward

Archawah – Good Thang

Holiday Sidewinder – Stay Another Day

Joe Sampson – Wealth

Jordan Burchel – Coffee Breath

Kroozers – Fist Bump

ruby – Fireweed

W.H. Lung – Inspiration!

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-23-16

No matter who you’re celebrating with, I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Typically around this time it’s nice to take stock and reflect on all of the incredible blessings that have enriched our lives over the past year. Of course as just about everybody who has lived through it will tell you, 2016 has been a terrible, terrible year. We’ve lost so many incredible talents and disaster has struck at nearly every turn. At this point I’m thankful the year will be over soon. But as always, I’m grateful to you, dear reader, for visiting the site and checking out the new music that gets posted here every couple of days. I hope you’ve discovered some amazing new artists and have been inspired to go see more live music based on your experiences here on Faronheit. Leading into the long weekend, please enjoy downloads in this set from Adwaith, Ballistic (ft. Jay Kila), John Wesley Coleman III, Matthew Squires snd The Velvet Ants. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cate Le Bon, The Chain Gang of 1974, Cloud Nothings, The Cool Kids, The Courtneys, Father John Misty, Jesper Jenset, Leon Else, Lower Plenty, Teen Daze and Uppermost.

Adwaith – Pwysau

Ballistic – Dreams (ft. Jay Kila)

Brielle Von Hugel – Naked

Few Dollars More – Destination Unknown

John Wesley Coleman III – Shovel

Matthew Squires – Shape of Your Heart

Una Ika Ai – In This Life (Owen Ross Remix)

The Velvet Ants – Prop Me Up

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Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 11-22-16

It’s all new Pick Your Poisons every day for the first half of this holiday week to help you gear up for feasting and family. You’ll want to pay particular attention to downloads in this set from The Body, Chino Amobi (ft. Dedekind Cut and Rabit), Owen Rabbit and Val Fleury. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from ARMORS, Carson Cox / Sam York / Austin Brown, Dominic, Fear of Men, Grandtheft & Delaney Jane, Jesca Hoop, Jhene Aiko, Lupe Fiasco (ft. Bianca Sings), Nebbra (ft. Mike Sabath), Novella, Molly Burch, Zella Day and more!

The Body – To Know and To Hide

Chino Amobi ft. Dedekind Cut and Rabit – Negative Fire

DJ Shadow – High Noon (Fare Soldi Remix)

Negative Gemini – You Never Knew (IMAGIST Hate/Love Remix)

Owen Rabbit – Oh My God

Roshambo – Run

Val Fleury – Rain Dancing

Vallis Alps – Fading

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-21-16

Ah, Thanksgiving week. Even though it’s only Monday, I’m feeling good in the knowledge that there are only a couple days left to work before a long, relaxing weekend. The proverbial mountain to climb suddenly isn’t so steep. Music is always helpful in making the time pass even quicker, so here’s another edition of Pick Your Poison for your enjoyment. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Freddie Gibbs, His Name Is Alive, Nicki Minaj, Ron Beatty and Spitzer Space Telescope. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from American Wrestlers, Emel, Gordi (covering Bon Iver), Laurel, Michael Chapman, ot to, not to, Roland Tings, Rubblebucket, Soulwax, Very Fresh (covering Garbage), Young Sierra and more!

The Cover Letter – Somethings

Doublethink Prism – Origami

Freddie Gibbs – All Day

His Name Is Alive – Calling All Believers

Michael the Lion – Get It On (ft. Amy Douglas)

Nicki Minaj – Black Barbies

Ron Beatty – Please Don’t Leave

Spitzer Space Telescope – Corn Holler

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-16-16

Hard to believe we’ve only got a month and a half left of 2016. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this year to be over. It’s been terrible for a myriad of reasons. One of the big ones is all the celebrity deaths. We’ve lost too many talented people. The epic and profound Leonard Cohen in just the last week, actually. The moment you think it can’t get any worse, suddenly it does. Thankfully there have been some bright spots, notably on the music side of things. I’m excited to wrap up 2016 with the annual year-end list extravaganza, which will be jam-packed with favorites. Some of the tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison may even make an appearance as well. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Blake Rainey & His Demons, Corner Suns, The Gods Themselves and Spelling Reform. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Celadon City, courtship., Fred Thomas, Hembree, Julie Byrne, Power Trip, Seven Lions & Echos, So Stressed, Swimm, Ty Segall, Xiu Xiu and more!

Blake Banks – Ride (ft. Drug Rixh Pe$o)

Blake Rainey & His Demons – Mulholland Square

Brandt Brauer Frick – You Can Buy My Love (DJ Tennis Remix)

Corner Suns – Borrowed Time

The Gods Themselves – Tech Boys

High Violet – All I Want

Honey Lung – Real Reason

Lampshades – Thrills

Spelling Reform – For Clair Patterson

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-14-16

After a rather disheartening week given all that happened with the presidential election, let’s start this one off with somewhat lifted spirits. I mean, it can’t get any worse at this point, right? At least your freedom to choose is still intact, as evidenced by another edition of Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Consuumer, Frank Rabeyrolles, Lord Raja and Rainbrother. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Los Campesinos, Mica Levi, of Montreal (covering Jacco Gardner), Pond, Radical Face, Shy Girls, Vagabon, Venus and the Moon, The Wrens and more!

Antenna Man – Guitarless Man

Black International – Shining Swords

consuumer – Radio

Frank Rabeyrolles – Protect

Le Son – Without A Sound

Lord Raja – Fox Den

Rainbrother – Riverside

Soft Lashes – Heart 2 Heart

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-9-16

Remember on Monday when I encouraged everybody to vote in the presidential election? Yeeeeeeah. Feeling quite disillusioned and depressed right now, courtesy of President-elect Trump. Ugh, never thought I’d have to type that title in front of his name. Anyways, if you can work your way past the misery, there’s some new music that might lift your spirits a bit in today’s Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Adam & Elvis, K V A S I R, Minor Moon and OG Maco. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from AUDUR, Black Lips, CHILDCARE, COTE, Day Wave, Drunker Masters (ft. Portugal. The Man), Father John Misty (covering Tim Heidecker), Fickle Friends, Kartell, Laurel, Lil Peep and Run the Jewels (ft. BOOTS).

Adam & Elvis – Hanging Tree

Cris Cab – Turn Out the Light (ft. J. Balvin)

K V A S I R – First Throws

Minor Moon – So Composed

OG Maco – For Scott

The Probes – Autonomy

Shem Bey – Earth Wind Fire

Woeloski – Camellia

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-7-16

Okay, it’s the day before Election Day. If you’re reading this and are a U.S. citizen over the age of 18, please vote tomorrow if you haven’t already. It’s one of the more important things you can do to help our democracy. This election feels more important than previous ones, or at the very least the stakes seem a lot higher. While this isn’t a political site and I’m not going to go all partisan on you, let’s just say there’s one candidate who shouldn’t have access to the nuclear codes. But just as a presidential election offers you freedom of choice, so too does Pick Your Poison. There are more than a few good candidates in this set that you may want to give control of your speakers too. Mark your ballots for downloads from Beyonce (ft. The Dixie Chicks), Jordan Burchel, Metro Boomin and Rootwork. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2, David Bazan, DIANA, Gucci Mane (ft. Young Thug), Homeshake, Major Stars, Porcelain Raft, Queen of Swords, RL Grime x What So Not x Skrillex, Salt Cathedral (ft. Matisyahu), Surfer Blood and Urulu.

Beyonce – Daddy Lessons (ft. The Dixie Chicks)

J.Leshelle – Whatever You Want

Jordan Burchel – Why They Call You Blue

Liana Bank$ – LVLUP

Metro Boomin – Forever Young

Rootwork – Trust

Soft Ledges – Seven Stories

Stars and Rabbit – Man Upon the Hill

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-2-16

As I’m writing this, there’s a very intense Game 7 happening in the World Series. The Chicago Cubs are fighting for their first championship in 108 years, which is pretty much forever when it comes to sports franchises. Wishing them all the best. Let’s Fly the W, boys. Maybe some of these tracks can provide the necessary motivation. Of particular note are downloads in this set from BOYO, Everyone Is Dirty, Goon and M7. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Coldcut (ft. Roses Gabor), Frida Sundemo, Japandroids, matt pond PA, Mega Bog, Moon Duo, oddCouple (ft. Jamila Woods & Kweku Collins), San Cisco, SHEARE and more!

BOYO – Entertainment

Everyone Is Dirty – Andy Warhol

Floating Room – Sad God

Goon – Gravedigger

Jo Mango – If I Could Choose (Live at the Pond)

M7 – Revolver 03

Royal Holland – The Body (In Which It Sits)

Tex Stone – Good In Black

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