Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was grand. Today’s edition of Pick Your Poison has some great tracks from Bonfire John, Cariad Harmon, Eric Zayne, Lisa Mitchell, Little Cinema and Stereo Off. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Halsey, Jason Urick, Little Comets, Melanie De Biasio (as remixed by EELS) and Mitski.

Bonfire John – One Night

Cariad Harmon – Like You

E.A.S.Y. – Fly Away

Electric Caves – Oversocialized

Eric Zayne – Drugs and Kids

Gorgeous Bully – I Can’t Sleep Because I’m Afraid You’ll Leave

Haley Pharo – Sorry For Not Being Sorry (Dekoder Remix)

Kasey Keller Big Band – RIC

Lisa Mitchell – Wah Ha

Little Cinema – When You Think of Me

The Presets – No FUn (Nature World DJs Remix)

Stereo Off – Effectual


Halsey – Hurricane

Jason Urick – Whoever You Are

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Hook N Sling Remix)

Little Comets – Ex Cathedra

Melanie De Biasio – I Feel You (EELS Remix)

Mitski – Townie