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26 Apr

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 4-26-12

Allow me to use this Thursday edition of Pick Your Poison to remind you about the good ‘ol Facebook page. Yes it exists, and yes I’ve been posting some cool videos and other things over there, including a running feed of stuff that gets posted on the site. Basically if you’re looking for more content (which you should be), go to Facebook and hit “Like” on the page. I’d really appreciate it, and if enough people do it I might just give away some music or concert tickets or something. It’s an ever-evolving work in progress. Today’s Pick Your Poison is not a work in progress. In fact, it’s very good. Tracks I’ll recommend today come from Au, Dope Body, OFF!, Theresa Andersson, Twin Trip, and YACHT.

Au – OJ

Cowgill – Extra Gravity

Dan Griffin – Yulia (Wolf Parade cover)

Dope Body – Weird Mirror

The Hudson Branch – Piggyback

OFF! – Cracked

Shrouded Strangers – (Don’t Look at the) Pink Lightning

Soja – Mentality

STAL – We Are Two (Alcala Remix)

Theresa Andersson – Street Parade

Tic Tic Boom! – Constellation Boy

Twin Trip – Brain Dead

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Steak Rainbow

YACHT – Le Goudron (Brigitte Fontaine cover)


Adriana Tegova – Hiding

Fractures – Ride

Man Without Country – Puppets (Citizens! Remix)

Outasight – Now Or Never

Samantha Ronson – Chasing The Reds V.2

TalkFine – She Never

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