Happy Odd Future Prank Day everybody! If you haven’t heard yet, those young, bratty and controversial hip hop stars pulled one over on a number of unsuspecting fans. To be fair, had I not caught onto it after it was all over, I probably would have fallen for it too. The set up is as follows: Odd Future started their own record label a couple months back – that much is true. The idea was to release their own music that way and not really anybody else’s. Well, via a press release sent out by their publicist, Odd Future announced they had discovered this amazing new talent that calls himself Young Nigga and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sign him. After teasing that they’d be unleashing the first single from Young Nigga a few hours later via their website, the end product turned out to be good ‘ol Tyler, The Creator changing his voice to try and sound like somebody else. At least that’s what it seems like. If this Young Nigga really does exist and has an album titled “Expensive Pasta” nearly in the can as reported, and he just so happens to sound a whole lot like Tyler, The Creator, well, perhaps it wasn’t a prank at all. But yeah, 95% sure they’re just messing around. Have a listen and judge for yourself. Okay, let’s talk a weekend-starting Pick Your Poison. I can give gold stars today to tracks from Anthem Facility, ARMS, Gardens & Villa, Gauntlet Hair, New Shouts, Rain Over St. Ambrose, and Wooden Wand (with the Briarwood Virgins).

Anthem Facility – Left to Defend

ARMS – Fleeced

Bio Ritmo – La Verdad

Bluom – Hello!

Bus Stop Dreams – The Kiss

Daughter – Love

Dirty Dishes – Slow Curse

Gardens & Villa – Spacetime

Gauntlet Hair – Keep Time

The Go Round – Open Hearted

Jason Corcoran – Kiss the Hive

Mocean Worker – Swagger

New Shouts – The Reins to Your Heart

Pan – Seeking the Sea King

Rain Over St. Ambrose – Campfires

Southerly – All Abandoned

Southern Culture on the SKids – Zombiefied

Wooden Wand and the Briarwood Virgins – Big Mouth USA


Altered Beats – Cool Lies

Hello Echo – Birdbeat

Outasight – Tonight Is The Night

Paper Crows – When Friends Survive