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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-27-16

Lollapalooza kicks off tomorrow. There’s no real way to prepare for four full days of music, but if you’re headed to Grant Park do make sure to check out my preview guide, which features 25 artists from the lineup you should go out of your way to try and see. If you’re not going to Lollapalooza, perhaps some new music will keep you busy this weekend? Don’t miss downloads in this set from The Chairman Dances, Cheshires, Shapes On Tape and The Shondes. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Banks & Steelz, DIANA, inc. no world, Jenny Hval, Lil Yachty, The Linedots, MisterWives (covering Chance the Rapper), Moor Mother, Motel Radio, Mykki Blanco, Russian Circles and Tele Novella.

The Chairman Dances – Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin

Cheshires – Love This Feelin’

Madonna – Holiday (Rhythm Scholar Funk Adventure Remix)

Midnight Faces – Heavenly Bodies (Fred Falke Remix)

Shapes On Tape – Wide Angle Eyes

The Shondes – Everything Good

SHOWSTAR – Mistakes On Fire

Sweet Crude – Laissez les Lazy

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Lollapalooza 2016: Lineup Recommendations

This year, Lollapalooza celebrates its 25th anniversary as a music festival. It’s had some ups and downs, including a couple of years when it went away entirely, but since settling down in Chicago back in 2005 things have been smooth sailing. Things have expanded exponentially in the last decade alone, with more stages, more artists and now more days than ever before. Yes, for the first time ever (and in celebration of this milestone), we’ll have four full days of music and mayhem. If three days and 130 artists somehow wasn’t enough to make your head spin, four days and 170 artists practically crosses the line between enjoyment and punishment. I’ve nearly killed myself in the past attempting to cover every single day of this festival for the last 11 years, and in all honesty I’m quite concerned with how I’m going to survive year 12. Don’t overextend yourself, drink lots of water, and wear comfortable shoes are just a few pieces of advice I can offer and will be abiding by myself.

That said, with four days of music it gives you an even greater opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite bands and discover some great new ones. Instead of analyzing every artist on the lineup, or even taking an hour-by-hour look at the insane schedule, let’s try something a little more sensible and manageable for 2016. In honor of 25 years of Lollapalooza, I’m going to recommend 25 can’t-miss artists who will be performing at the festival this weekend. They’re broken down by day, and distributed evenly across the weekend with the exception of Sunday, which has one extra artist just to hit that magic number. The only downside in limiting this to recommending six (or seven) artists per day is that a few really cool acts inevitably get left out. If you’re going all four days it’ll be tough to catch everything worthwhile as it is. The way these picks are structured, there’s not a lot of time slot conflicts happening, so you could theoretically see just about all of these artists if you play your cards right.

Join me after the jump for the full list of 25, complete with multiple audio/video streams from each. Best of luck to you if you’ll be in Grant Park this weekend. I’ll see you on the battlefield. Follow my Twitter and Instagram feeds for live, on-the-ground reports all four days.

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 7-25-16

As I work to finish shaking off this cold I contracted following the Pitchfork Music Festival, it’s time to start preparing for yet another music festival taking over Chicago this upcoming weekend – Lollapalooza. Keep an eye out on this site for my preview guide coming up in the next day or two. In the meantime, there’s plenty more new music for you to enjoy with this edition of Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Bodies Be Rivers, The Brood, Fiance, Lennart Richter (ft. American Mag) and Mackenzie Shivers. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Bellows, Big Gigantic (ft. Pell), Carl Broemel, Dawg Yawp, Die Antwoord, The Game (ft. Jeremih), Myrkur (covering Bathory), Natural Child, of Montreal, Regina Spektor, Skrillex & Rick Ross and more!

Big Kuntry King – Peach Crush (Light.Em.Up Remix)

Bodies Be Rivers – Making Plans

The Brood – All Debit, No Credit

FiancĂ© – H.a.g.s.

Getter – Wat the Frick

Left & Right – Sleep Show

Lennart Richter – Ain’t Nuttin’ (ft. American Mag)

Mackenzie Shivers – Tell Me to Run

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-20-16

It only figures that after an exciting and intense full weekend of live music, I’d wind up getting sick. Haven’t had a summer cold in about 10 years, but this one came rolling in yesterday and it’s left me feeling absolutely terrible. So let me just pass this set of songs along before climbing back into bed. Highlights include downloads from Blanck Mass, Hollis Brown, Poolside and The Shondes. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Dent May, Dogbreth, JEFF the Brotherhood, Mild High Club, Mood Hut, PWR BTTM, Sleigh Bells, Spirit Club, S U R V I V E, Thunder Tillman and more!

Blanck Mass – D7-D5

Fiona Soe Paing – Heartbeat

Getaway Dogs – Excuses / Opinions

Hollis Brown – Completed Fool

Katie Rose – Wonder

Poolside – And the Sea

Post Death Soundtrack – Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway Mix)

The Shondes – Everything Good

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 7-18-16

Well, it was a weekend. The Pitchfork Music Festival once again rocked my world. If you were there I hope it was an equally enjoyable experience. Check out full coverage right here. As I attempt to rest up and recover, here’s another collection of tracks for your listening pleasure. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Cotton Mather, Japancakes, Maps & His Mothball Fleet and Vick Lejet. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Banks & Steelz, Dreller, The Handsome Family, The Head and The Heart, Jamila Woods (ft. Noname), Julia Jacklin, Kishi Bashi, Leagues, POP ETC (covering Sam Cooke), R.L. Kelly, SHaron Jones & the Dap-Kings and Zeds Dead x Diplo (ft. Elliphant).

Cotton Mather – Life of the Liar

DANI – Love U More

Grey Gersten – You can’t Stop

Japancakes – Android

Maps & His Mothball Fleet – Trust the Teahouse

Reckonwrong – Magical Journey Mix

They Called Him Zone – Just Fall

Vick Lejet – Ripped White Denim

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: Sunday Recap

pitchfork 2016 logo
There were a surprising number of people in Union Park at 1:45pm on a Sunday, but I suppose that’s what happens when quality acts are booked to start the day. Porches kicked things off on the Red stage with what can best be described as dance music for lonely people. Indeed, Aaron Maine and his band used synths, bouncy bass lines and the occasional saxophone assist to settle into a groove, and the modest crowd shuffled around entranced while staring at their feet. Many of them may have been nursing hangovers or were simply tired from the previous two days, but at the very least they were moving. While the songs would undoubtedly have sounded even better under the cover of night, Porches still managed to inspire and help people get motivated for one more full day of music.

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: Saturday Recap

pitchfork 2016 logo3
Saturday at Pitchfork was the best day. The sort of day that makes you believe in the power of live music. The sort of day that makes nine hours spent in hot conditions feel like two. It’s a grand reminder of why the Pitchfork Music Festival is one of the best places to see and break new bands, as well as celebrate the classic ones. There’s so much to cover and I don’t want to waste much more time expressing general platitudes with this intro. So join me after the jump for a full recap of all the artists I saw at the festival on Saturday. As a reminder, there will be plenty of photos to share at the end of the weekend. But if you’d like some live reports straight from the grounds along with a few visuals, check my Twitter and Instagram for all of that fun stuff. Onward and upward we go!

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: Friday Recap

pitchfork 2016 logo2
One day down, two left to go. The start of the 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival was plagued with a light rain shower, followed by gray clouds that seemed somewhat ominous for the rest of the day. Thankfully it was a largely dry day, and the music was sunny enough that the skies didn’t matter so much. I’ll have all kinds of photos and other goodies once the weekend wraps up, but in the meantime please join me after the jump for a brief recap of everything I saw and did on Friday.

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: Sunday Preview

pitchfork 2016 logo
Sunday at Pitchfork Music Festival is set to be just about the sexiest day of any music festival ever. To quote Tracy Morgan, “Somebody’s gonna get pregnant!” The lineup is stacked with all kinds of R&B and freeform jazz that’s designed to put you in the mood for some lovin’. Not sure how perfectly that pairs with sun and 85 degree temperatures, but we’ll find out, right? At least things will be steamy one way or another. If you’ve been to the fest for two days already, the generally slower and more relaxed vibe on Sunday should be a nice change of pace. The slightly later start time than usual is an added benefit. Gates may open at noon, but the first music doesn’t start until 1:45, so sleep in an extra 90 minutes or at the very least stay off your feet for that period of time. As with the other two days though, there are some serious benefits to showing up early and catching those first bands of the day. Join me past the jump for the hour-by-hour breakdown of who’s playing when, and what artists you simply can’t miss.

Also, in case you missed them, here are the Preview Guides for Friday and Saturday as well as audio streams from every artist on the lineup.

Thanks for reading. If you’re headed to Pitchfork this weekend, I’ll see you in Union Park!

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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 7-14-16

The 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival kicks off tomorrow afternoon, and this is one more reminder to keep an eye here on this site for full coverage. All the previews are up in case you’re going, and you’ll also be able to read daily recaps as the weekend progresses. Photos will be happening too. For every post related to this year’s festival, this link should take care of all your needs. Now then let’s get to the final Pick Your Poison of the week. Don’t miss downloads in this set from BOYO, Elysia Crampton, Tanners Pool and Yvonne McDonnell. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Beach Slang, Flock of Dimes, Fraternal Twin, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Kady Rain, Katie Dey, Mothers, PAPA, Preoccupations, Roosevelt, Shy Girls and Ultimate Painting.

Arandel – Section 7 (Live Version)

BOYO – Control

Dexter Fizz – Gol’ Rangs

Elysia Crampton – Flora’s Theme

Gold Member – Rope Swing

Tanners Pool – Plastic Wings

Yvonne McDonnell – Endless Soul

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-13-16

Have you been keeping an eye on Pitchfork Music Festival Week? We’re in full preview mode right now in preparation for the weekend. If you’ve missed them, here are the guides for Friday and Saturday, along with audio streams for every single artist on the lineup. The Sunday preview guide goes up tomorrow, followed by recaps of the weekend. I hope you’ll follow along! Of course if you’re just here for the free downloads and Soundcloud streams, there’s always a new edition of Pick Your Poison to keep you entertained. Don’t miss tracks in this set from Craig Williams, J Hacha De Zola, Justice, Spirit City and Victoria Monet (ft. Ariana Grande). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Alex Rose, Allie X, Body Language, Diners, Factory Floor, Golden Suits, Jamila Woods (ft. Chance the Rapper), Madeira, Promises Ltd., Warehouse and much more!

Bearfoot – Dreamer

Craig Williams – EXIT

Helios Hussain – 8 Mile

J Hacha De Zola – Bubble Gum

Jordan Dean Riddle – Sun Soaked

Justice – Safe and Sound

Spirit City – We’re All Insane

Victoria Monet – Better Days (ft. Ariana Grande)

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: Saturday Preview

pitchfork 2016 logo3
Let me use today’s introduction to offer a few festival tips and tricks to help you survive the weekend at Pitchfork Music Festival. Six years of coverage has helped me get this down to a science, so if you follow my lead I guarantee everything’s gonna turn out great for you (you know, within reason). First, the general outdoor festival stuff. Stay hydrated. Drink at least 3-4 full bottles of water each day. That is a minimum. I know it’s tempting to have a few beers, and you realistically still can, just don’t make that the only liquid you drink all day. You’ll sweat tons in the 80+ degree heat and will be on your feet pretty much all day, so those fluids need to be replenished unless you want to wind up in the medical tent. Next up, sunscreen and bug spray. Use both liberally. If you get sunburned on Friday, the rest of the weekend will be painful. You also don’t want to scratch a bunch of bug bites either, so protect yourself.

Don’t overexert yourself. There’s a temptation to go hard and try to see just about every band. It’s possible too! Union Park isn’t that big, and with three stages you won’t need to do that much walking. Just remember to take breaks and sit down from time to time. Eat food – probably more than you’d otherwise have – to maintan energy while you burn calories. Explore! There’s plenty of fun things to do, including the CHIRP Record Fair, the Flatstock poster sale, Book Fort, Craft Fair and Kids Area. A bunch of brands have tents/booths where free food and merch is given away. Lifeway frozen kefir bars are typically being given away near the basketball court, so that’s a nice cool treat on a warm day. You can probably screen print a t-shirt for free too, if that’s an interest. If you’ve got some down time or don’t like any of the artists performing, wandering around the festival grounds can make for a great time.

So that’s about all I’ve got in terms of tips. Well one more – be good to others! In my experience, everyone at Pitchfork is very chilled out and friendly, so treat them in kind. Join me past the jump for an in-depth, hour-by-hour look at the schedule for Saturday. There’s plenty of great stuff to recommend.

Also, in case you missed them, here are the preview guides Friday and Sunday as well as audio streams from every artist on the lineup.

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: Friday Preview

pitchfork 2016 logo2
So you’re planning to attend the 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival. Congratulations! You have made a very wise choice. It promises to be a great time in a great city with a great collection of artists. Speaking of those artists, one of the challenges with any music festival is looking over the schedule and trying to figure out who to see when. In the cases where you only like one artist performing at a particular time, the choice is easy. In the cases where you like two artists performing at the same time, the conflict can be tragic. But what about the artists you’re not familiar with? There’s always at least a few at any large festival, and even the most avid music fan has some knowledge gaps. The great news is that it’s easy to learn, and maybe just a little easier to make a crucial decision about a conflict, if you’ve got some outside help. Welcome to the first of three installments of the 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival Preview Guide! Here you can find out information about every artist on the lineup, and see recommendations on who you should be seeing at any particular time. So if you wouldn’t mind, please join me after the jump to check out the comprehensive guide to who’s performing on Friday. Let’s go!

Check out the preview guides for Saturday and Sunday as well as audio streams for every artist on the lineup.

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: Hear the Lineup

pitchfork 2016 logo
As is tradition, I’m very pleased to welcome you to yet another year of Pitchfork Music Festival coverage! Once again there will be a full week’s worth of focus on Chicago’s premiere boutique music festival, complete with day-by-day previews, recaps throughout the weekend, and plenty of photos so you can see some of the action too. It’s extremely comprehensive, so if you’re planning to attend or just wish you could, I hope you’ll keep a close eye on the site to learn more about the lineup, who you need to see, as well as reports straight from the festival grounds.

We begin with an audio introduction to all the artists performing at this year’s fest. Those familiar with Pitchfork know they carefully curate the lineup every year to highlight important, often up-and-coming acts. That inevitably leads to a fair amount of obscure names you might not recognize. For example, you may be wondering, “Who is Jlin? What kind of music does he or she or they make?” Well, hopefully this post answers those questions with relative ease.

After the jump, you’ll find a full list of every artist performing at this weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival, complete with links to their website or Facebook or Tumblr or Bandcamp or whatever their primary web presence might be. You’ll also find links to stream two songs on YouTube or Soundcloud from each one, so you can get a basic idea of what they happen to sound like. Artists are grouped by the day they are performing and arranged in alphabetical order. If you prefer to stream your music using Spotify, you can find a full playlist at the very bottom of this post, also featuring two songs from every artist on the lineup. Those are grouped in order by day and set time.

Really what I’m saying is, no matter your audio preferences, there should be a format here that will give you access to the music, which is of course the most important part of this whole festival equation. So sit back and get familiar before spending the weekend in Union Park, so you can go in with a head full of knowledge and impress your friends.

Check out the preview guides for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 7-11-16

Back in action for yet another edition of Pick Your Poison. I feel like I should also mention it’s Pitchfork Music Festival week here on the site, and if you’re planning to attend or maybe just curious about what will be going down in Union Park here in Chicago this weekend, be sure to check out all the comprehensive coverage. There will be previews, recaps and photos to come, so please keep an eye out! If you’re looking for some new music, allow me to recommend downloads below from Hawker M. James, People and Stars, Ryan Hemsworth (ft. Keaton Henson & Mitski) and Tonedeff. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cole M.G.N., EZTV (ft. Jenny Lewis), Joe Budden, MYZICA, Pixies, Robert Pollard, Russian Circles, Ryley Walker, Sibling, Topaz Jones, Twist and Yohuna.

Hawker M. James – Love Like A Hurricane

Mikie Mayo – Lost in West Philly

People and Stars – You’re Not Alone

Que Billah – Survive (ft. Kora Green)

Ryan Hemsworth – Wait (ft. Keaton Henson & Mitski)

Styline & Mr. V – Get Down

Tonedeff – Competitive Nature

West Coast – Step Rockets (Cheerleader Remix)

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