22 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 6-22-16

Get your Wednesday going with some quality tracks in this set from The Band Royale, DoublePlusGood, Matt Bennett, Outer Gods and Sannhet. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Colouring, Few Bits, Future Generations, The Game (ft. Jeremih), Great Good Fine Ok & Orla Gartland, The Hecks, Ian William Craig, Leagues, Owen, Rozes, Ryan Hemsworth and Towkio (ft. Joey Purp).

Ariana Delawari – Here Is My Love

The Band Royale – Lay Off, Man

DoublePlusGood – Take Me Dancing

Jonas Martin – Wannabe

LUXXURY – Black Magic Reaper (LUXXURY Edit)

Matt Bennett – Hook Pt. 1

Outer Gods – Scream and Scream Again

Sannhet – Short Life
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20 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Monday 6-20-16

Let’s jump right into the week with yet another collection of tracks in this thing we call Pick Your Poison. Enjoy downloads in this set from Harpooner, Liana Banks, Love At First Sound, Mincer Ray and Steel Cranes. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Adam Torres, Blonde Redhead, Boris, EDEN, JONES, The Legends (covering The Chainsmokers), Nite Jewel, Oxblood (ft. Korallreven), Stephen Steinbrink, The Tallest Man on Earth and Terry.

Harpooner – Hush Up

Helios Hussain – Rappers Are Stupid

Liana Banks – Off

Love At First Sound – Roaming

Mincer Ray – Everything Is Green

Schnarff Schnarff – Mario 1-2

Steel Cranes – Pretty

Suddenly Sunshine – Till the End of Time (Frank Rabeyrolles Remix)
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17 Jun

Show Review: M. Ward, Big Thief + Nice As Fuck [Thalia Hall; Chicago; 6/16/16]

Rare is the high quality triple bill, where it’s worth arriving early and staying late just to see every single second of music. Most of the time it’s easy to glance at the one or two opening acts, not recognize the names, and decide they’re worth skipping so you don’t have to sit through a bunch of stuff you don’t know or care about. Okay, that might be overreaching just a little bit. There are plenty of adventurous music fans who understand that many of today’s openers are tomorrow’s headliners and have a desire to discover new music through live performance. If you’re one of those people, thank you for giving a damn.

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15 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 6-15-16

Your mid-week edition of Pick Your Poison features some excellent downloads from the likes of Clark, Ghost Camp, SATE and Young Mister. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Alphabetic, Big Gigantic (ft. GRiZ), Cheena, Gap Dream, Holly Miranda (covering Morphine), Jai Wolf (ft. Chain Gang of 1974), Kenton Slash Demon, Kllo, Merely (ft. jj), Preoccupations (fka Viet Cong), Puro Instinct and more!

Clark – Mirage Trooper

Dan Lipton – Dark Water

The Familiar – White Poison

Ghost Camp – Ganymede

Jack Ellis – The Storm (Radio Edit)

The New Apollos – Lovesick

SATE – What Did I Do

Young Mister – Anybody Out There
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13 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Monday 6-13-16

My heart remains heavy following the tragic events that unfolded in Orlando over the weekend. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history took place, leaving 49 dead and at least 53 wounded. I’m not here to rehash the details nor rant about gun control, terrorism, religion or sexual orientation. All of those topics have been covered elsewhere by people who are much more knowledgeable than myself. Plus, this is a music blog. You’re not visiting to read about other topics. I will say that there is an element of emotional healing that music can provide if you let it. Music has helped and continues to help me get through some of the toughest times both on a personal level as wall as some larger tragedies. That’s one of the main reasons why I continue to share all kinds of new tracks multiple times each week, with the goal of healing and inspiring. So I hope you embrace today’s Pick Your Poison, and that some of these songs help you on your life’s journey. There’s some great downloads in this set from The Harlequins, Hedge Fund, POLSKY, Powernerd and Shapes on Tape. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from Abra, Ages & Ages, BoyBoy, Cities Aviv, DownVega (covering The Time), Little Boots, LSDXOXO, Milemarker, Motion Graphics, Pill, Sleigh Bells and Terry.

The Devil’s Ghost – Sad Surround

The Harlequins – Hear Me Out

Hedge Fund – What You’re Hiding

Maya Killtron – Never Dance Alone

POLSKY – Minimax

Powernerd – White Cars (ft. Ankathie Koi & Johann Martinus Bass)

Rainbow Chan – Last (Dro Carey Remix)

Shapes On Tape – Personal Enemy #1
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08 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 6-8-16

As always, there’s plenty of great new music to discover with each new Pick Your Poison edition. I hope you’re taking it all in! Or as much as you can. In this particlar set, don’t miss downloads from Danah x Wippy Lion, DAWN, Mackenzie Shivers, Sherbert Gang and VoirVoir. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Adam Torres, Amber Mark (ft. Mia Mark), Chook Race, Descendents, Hanni El Khatib, The Head and the Heart, Leagues, The Lemon Twins, Marian Hill, Middle Kids, Twin River and more!

Danah x Wippy Lion – Let Me Go

DAWN – Serpentine Fire

Mackenzie Shivers – Lily-Rose

The Medicine Hat – New Survival

Mr Sterile Assembly – No Vote

Sherbert Gang – Far Away

VoirVoir – I Wanna

Yishay – Living Out My Life
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06 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Monday 6-6-16

Oh hey, Monday. Didn’t see you there. Was kinda hoping that weekend would just go on forever. Alas, such things are not meant to be. At least Pick Your Poison is here to help make things better. Quality tracks in this set from Bishop Nehru, Conveyor, Love At First Sound, POllen and Stefan Weich. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new songs from Alex Lahey, Avec Sans, Drowners, Field Mouse, Jay Som, NV, Petite League, Ryan Hemsworth, School ’94, Trust Punks, Yoo-Yoo and more!

Bishop Nehru – It’s Whateva

Conveyor – What A Low Heart

Kim Killspeed – Inside

Love At First Sound – Song Written About Girls

Pollen – Go Again

Stefan Weich – Louie

Sunhill – What A Drag

Yves Lambert Trio – Suite Pour Justin
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01 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 6-1-16

So you’re headed to Lollapalooza, and the festival doesn’t provide enough live music for your tastes. Or you’re from Chicago and detest the whole mega festival experience, and just wish you could see some of the best bands on the lineup without having to drag yourself around Grant Park for a full day of sweat and misery in the sun. Either way, the Lollapalooza Aftershows have you covered. They’re also a way for Chicago’s many concert venues to actually make a buck for a few nights since the festival “radius clause” prohibits many of the artists from performing in the Chicagoland area for a couple months both before and after Lollapalooza. Anyways, with four full days of music this year, there’s understandably a few more aftershows than usual. Just over 55 total over six days, by my count. If you’re interested in attending one or more of these, I strongly encourage you to check out the full list now and prepare for the onslaught of buying that is this Friday morning at 10 AM CST. While you wait, let me also encourage you to invest some time in today’s Pick Your Poison. There’s some great downlaods in this set from Apres (ft. Lole), Lee Bannon, Queen of the Meadow, The Valery Trails and VHOL. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Ben Chatwin, Big Business, Dappled Cities, Elijah Noll, Garden City Movement, Madeline Kenney, of Montreal, Ryley Walker, Sur Back and Yung.

Apres – Wonder Why (ft. Lole)

Lee Bannon – 3m12 Disc 2-sideD

Queen of the Meadow – Caleb

Sunny Ade – 365 Is My Number (G. Markus G-Edit #3)

The Valery Trails – OK

VHOL – Dispatch

Young Greatness – Ball
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31 May

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 5-31-16

Following the Memorial Day holiday, things are back in action with a brand new edition of Pick Your Poison. There’s plenty to love in this set, including tracks from Antonymes, Four Tet, Prison Escapee and Sports Boyfriend. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from The Album Leaf, Body Language, BRONCHO, Factory Floor, iji, Jenny Hval, Melody’s Echo Chamber, NAO, No Joy, Owen and Shura. So much quality here, I hope you have the chance to take it all in!

Adeline Hotel – Near You

Antonymes – Delicate Power

Four Tet – A lost track that I ve been playing on the radio and stuff. Seemed like a nice thing to put out there because of smashing it on the internet etc. Shout out to Ben UFO and Anthony Naples

Iconique – Sitting Pretty

justindemus – The Jabberwocky

Krychek – My Limit

Prison Escapee – Gunslinger

Sports Boyfriend – Things to Say
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26 May

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 5-26-16

Let’s wrap up the week and prepare for a quality Memorial Day weekend with a collection of tracks great for your start of summer BBQ. There are some great downloads in this set from Boo Seeka, DJ Paypal (ft. DJ Earl & DJ Taye), Skinny Blonde and yllwshrk. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cass McCombs (ft. Angel Olsen), Dragonette, Health&Beauty, Lidija, Michael Zaxxon, Omni, Pink Mexico, Puro Instinct (covering Madonna), Told Slant, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Whitney and more!

Boo Seeka – Deception Bay

DJ Paypal – Dose (ft. DJ Earl & DJ Taye)

Pilgrim Speakeasy – The Hypnotist Part 2

Psymbionic – Blast

Satchmode – Undertow (The Landing Remix)

Skinny Blonde – Anything But Me

Tiger Love – Space in Space

yllwshrk – Pull Me Under (In Memory of Jeff Buckley)
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24 May

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 5-24-16

Is it too early to start counting down to the weekend? For those of us in the United States, it’s going to be an extended three day celebration that officially kicks off the summer season. Can’t wait. At least these songs will help the next few days pass by a little easier. You’ll want to check out the downloads from Cantina, Caralis, Esquela, The Julie Ruin and Ray Sargent. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cymbals Eat Guitars, Deerhoof, Erin Tobey, Ivy Mairi, Joey Purp (ft. Chance the Rapper), Martha, Moonface and Siinai, salute (ft. D.R.A.M.), Speedy Ortiz, Steve Aoki, Todd Terje & The Olsens and Yen Towers.

Cantina – Bulletproof

Caralis – Parting Shots

Esquela – Too Big to Fail

Freeweights – Livin’ In A Studio

Getaway Dogs – Indonesia

Jack Ellis – Pocket of Lint

The Julie Ruin – I’m Done

Ray Sargent – Honest
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23 May

Pick Your Poison: Monday 5-23-16

Let’s kick off this week right with another top notch edition of Pick Your Poison. Enjoy downloads in this set from Cub Sport, deCollage, Hollowtapes, In Letter Form and Liana Bank$ (ft. Mura Masa). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cottaging, Delorean, Exploded View, Gang of Youths, Holy Fuck, Mercury Girls, Mind Bath, NE-HI, Prince Innocence, SZA, Vogue Dots and more!

Black Motion – Far Lands (ft. Dizu Plaatjies & Henrik Schwarz)

Cub Sport – Come On Mess Me Up

deCollage – Magnetize

Hollowtapes – Broken Car Radio

In Letter Form – Face in the Crowd

Liana Bank$ – Leave Me Alone (ft. Mura Masa)

Marcus Alan Ward – Little Sunshine

Nat Jenkins & The Heartcaves – Quarter to Three (Acoustic)
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18 May

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 5-18-16

Chicago rock music festival fans may want to take note that the Riot Fest lineup was announced this morning. This year’s fest takes place from September 16-18 at Douglas Park in the North Lawndale area. Some of the notable acts set to perform this year include The Original Misfits (with Danzig), Morrissey, Ween, Death Cab for Cutie, Social Distortion, Nas, Brand New, Deftones, Fitz & The Tantrums, Jimmy Eat World, Bad Religion, Motion City Soundtrack (their final show), Death Grips, The Hold Steady, Bob Mould, White Lung, Bleached and many more. There’s plenty to be excited about, though in all honesty I’m not sure if I’ll be in attendance this year or not. Still, you may want to check it out. 3-day passes are on sale now if you’re interested. Let’s have a look at today’s Pick Your Poison, shall we? Don’t miss downloads in this set from A+A, Glass Spells, The Hood Internet x Wolkoff, The Qualia and Wuh Oh. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Audion, Allie X, DAWN, Die Antwoord, Future Generations, Holly Miranda (covering Tobias Jesso Jr.), Jamila Woods, The Moving Pictures, School ’94, Slow Club and more!

A+A – Kansas

Beyonce – Hold Up (DJDS Remix)

Bin Juice – Astro Surf

Glass Spells – Away From Space

The Hood Internet x Wolkoff – Me & Mine

The Qualia – Out For Blood

WatchTheDuck ft. Pharrell Williams – Stretch 2-3-4 (JiKay Remix)

Wuh Oh – Wolverines
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17 May

Show Preview: Moderat at Concord Music Hall [5/21]

For those who know a thing or two about the indie electronica scene, the trio known as Moderat have every right to be called a supergroup. Their name is a combination of the two projects from which they’ve sprung, specifically Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) and Apparat (Sascha Ring). Separately, they’ve released some of the most dynamic minimalist electronic music of the last decade. Together as Moderat, they’ve crafted three full lengths and an EP, a majority of which was spent testing out new and experimental directions with varying results. It seemed to be a product of them trying to feel each other out rather than a lack of competence or care. Just because three people can make really great music on their own doesn’t mean they’ll immediately work well together. On their new record III, it seems they’ve finally reached the next level of their collaboration, resulting in one of the most sonically cohesive and engaging collections of beat-driven tracks this year.

Sonically the songs on III fall somewhere on the ambient electronic soul spectrum between Four Tet, James Blake, Burial, Jamie Woon and Atoms For Peace. That’s a lot of quality references that for the most part feel earned. Beats skitter, vocals soar, synths glide, and a wounded sort of sexiness oozes from just about every note. Fans of The xx will find plenty to love as well. That beautiful darkness also lends itself to dramatic performances. Unlike the candy-coated laser beam dance parties of today’s EDM festival headliners, Moderat use style and substance to channel an epic intimacy that you’ll want to dance to. Powerful visuals projected behind the trio, combined with staccato lighting effects and liberal use of smoke machines create just the right sort of atmosphere to elevate the songs to an otherworldly level. It’s an intoxicating mixture that means their live shows are less performance and more experience.

Moderat will be transforming minds and hearts at Concord Music Hall this Saturday, May 21st. Not to be missed if you can help it! Teflon Tel Aviv and Abstract Science open. Details:

Moderat, Teflon Tel Aviv and Abstract Science
Buy Tickets
Saturday, May 21
9PM / $25 (Advance) / 18+

16 May

Pick Your Poison: Monday 5-16-16

Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was jam packed with all kinds of fun with family and friends, to the point where I barely had a chance to catch my breath. As much as I enjoyed it, I’m also super tired today. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Some of these new songs are helping me through, which is why I’m happy to be sharing them with you as part of today’s Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads from deCollage, The Infinite, LEX and VATS. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Alex Calder, Ben Lukas Boysen, Big Thief, Cadet Kelly, Emily Jane White, Maria Usbeck, Nerftoss, Pheeyownah, Wildlife, Xiu Xiu (covering John Congleton) and Yumi Zouma.

Black Palms Orchestra – Home (Ages Remix)

Bugeye – Disco Dancer

deCollage – Crystal Choir

Dog Orchestra – CLUB Fragil (ft. Lune)

The Infinite – Autonomy

LEX – My Way

VATS – Green Glass Room
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