30 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-30-15

Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic if you celebrated. I wound up running a 5k and then eating far too much food. The physical activity kind of helped to balance things out, but more likely made a small dent in an otherwise massive calorie day. That’s life for you. Delicious, delicious life. While you recover from the food coma that was last weekend, please enjoy this fresh edition of Pick Your Poison. There are some quality tracks in this set from Archawah, Autopilot, Errant Boy, ETCHES and Lyndzie Taylor. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from beGun, Choir of Young Believers, Daniel Avery, Kendrick Lamar, Sam Brockington and more.

Archawah – Silvermoon

Autopilot – Oceanside

Dead Trains – Country Road Bound

Errant Boy – Black Dress, Black Cab

ETCHES – The Great Void

Juanna – Overdose

Lyndzie Taylor – What Do I Know

Stanton Warriors & Tony Quattro – Keep It Movin’ (ft. Rell Rock)
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25 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-25-15

Welp, this is the final edition of Pick Your Poison for the week. The site will be dormant for the next few days in celebration/observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. The good news is that we’re right around the corner from Listmas 2015, which features the annual countdowns of my favorite songs and albums of the year. Seeing as how incredible 2015 has been for music, I’m excited to share with you the best of the best. In fact, I’ll be using the few days off to finalize my lsts, so that should be fun. Also fun? Today’s pre-Thanksgiving edition of Pick Your Poison. There are some quality downloads in this set from Alnilam, The Hudson Branch, LI-ON GREVIER and LNDN DRGS. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Dan San, FAIRCHILD, HONNE, Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders (covering Dire Straits), Max D, Mothers and yndi halda. All my best to you and yours if you’re celebrating this weekend!

Alnilam – When It Comes to You

Branko – 2 Nice

Daniel Cherney – Creation

Epic Empire – [paʁi]

The Hudson Branch – Sign of the Soul

LI-ON GREVIER – My World Is Empty (Theme)


Mike Slott – Keep Me Here (STUFF.redo)
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24 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 11-24-15

Happy Taco Tuesday to you and yours. Be sure to check out some of the spicy flavor combos contained within today’s Pick Your Poison, including downloads from Adir L.C., Braves, Castlecomer, Jack the Radio and REIGHNBEAU. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Dear Boy (covering The Psychedelic Furs), Harriet, Joanne Robertson, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, She-Devils, SOPHIE, WALL, White Denim (covering Kenny Rogers) and Wild Nothing.

Adir L.C. – Buyer’s Instinct

Alien Hand Syndrome – Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads cover)

Braves – Dropout

Castlecomer – Escapism

Covers – Strange Bird

Jack the Radio – Moonlight

Plum – Light Years, Dark Years

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23 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-23-15

Ah, Thanksgiving week. Time to break out the stretchy pants and the good silverware, because one massive meal is on the way. Always nice to get together with family and celebrate America’s favorite pastime, otherwise known as eating. Before all that though, we’ve got a few days and a few editions of Pick Your Poison to go. You’ll not want to miss downloads in this set from Chris Storrow, Jake Bosci, Kamasi Washington and Wonky Tonk. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from The Arcs, Atlas Genius (covering The Weeknd), DAWN (covering Adele), DIIV, Eric Copeland, Freddie Gibbs (ft. Gucci Mane & E-40), Idiot gflee, My Gold Mask and YACHT.

Chris Storrow – Raised the Bar

Eric Bellinger – Squad

Great Good Fine Ok & Panama Wedding – Easy Lover (Phil Collins & Philip Bailey cover)

Jake Bosci – Heartbreak

Kamasi Washington – Theme From “Color Guard”

Timothy J. Wilson – What I Like

Wonky Tonk – Denmark

Zeyon – Killer Instinct
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19 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 11-19-15

Trouble’s a-brewin’ here in the Chicagoland area. Specifically, weather trouble. While we’re technically no strangers to November snow, and I can even recall some light dustings in past years on Halloween, apparently what’s headed Chicago’s way this weekend is a bit of a monstrosity. The meteorologists are suggesting snow totals could range anywhere from 4-16 inches depending on location. In other words, it’s not going to be fun. If you don’t hear from me on Monday, maybe call someone to check snowdrifts for my body. Weather incidents aside, let’s shovel out some fresh new music for the final Pick Your Poison this week. There are some quality downloads in this set from Cold Air, Danny L Harle, Frank Rabeyrolles and The Head. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Anna Meredith, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Florist, Marrow, Pete Astor, Pimp C (ft. Juicy J & Nas), Rangda, Tunji Ige and a Run the Jewels remix of a Miike Snow track.

Cold Air – Denounce

Danny L Harle – Always Remember

Frank Rabeyrolles – Kaos

The Head – It Ain’t Easy

Lauren Marsh – Wildfire

Lazuli – Habits

Ralfi Pagan – Pelao (Cocotaxi Remix)

Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran – Let It All On Me (GRRM Remix)
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18 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-18-15

As far as this mid-week Pick Your Poison goes, this is another good one. You’ll not want to miss quality downloads in this set from Blankus Larry, Caroline Polachek (of Chairlift/Ramona Lisa), Lyke Giants and The Quarantined. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Emily Yacina, Future Elevators, Junior Boys, Lotic, Neon Bunny, Rob Crow (of Pinback), Sarah Neufeld (of Arcade Fire) and Thundercat.

Blankus Larry – Please (Don’t Let Me Lose My Mind)

Caroline Polachek – The Boy Who I’ll See Again

Jenny Bruce – Backlit Bottles

Lyke Giants – Jacob

Mikey Lion & Sabo – Into the Jungle (Original Mix)

The QUarantined – Sex and No Regrets

The Retrospectives – Rolling Stone (Acoustic)

Scary Little Friends – In This Lifetime
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17 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 11-17-15

Ah, it’s Tuesday. You’ve got things to do, I’ve got things to do, so let’s jump right into today’s Pick Your Poison, shall we? There are some quality downloads you won’t want to miss in this set from Jackson Breit, The Migrant, Monster Jaw and Sea Caves. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Abra, Beacon, The Blue Jean Committee (Fred Armisen & Bill Hader), Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Elohim, Idiot Glee, Nap Eyes, School of Seven Bells and Zora Jones.

Andrew Johnston – Take the Highway

Jackson Breit – Catch Me Falling

The Migrant – Silence

Mizan K – Looking For

Monster Jaw – Why?

Sea Caves – Spanning the River

Time Is Fire – Violence (Brings Violence)

tohearmeroar – The Butchers Cut
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16 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-16-15

Paris, je t’aime. It’s always so upsetting to hear about any act of terrorism, and what took place last Friday was no different. That it involved one of the world’s great cities (Paris) and a pretty great band (Eagles of Death Metal) really heightened the impact for me. All of my love to the victims of this senseless violence and their families. In times of great tragedy and sadness, music can play an important role in the grieving process. I’m not sure if anything in today’s Pick Your Poison will specifically help, but it’s worth a shot. There are some strong downloads in this set from Double Lined Minority, Violent Mae, Young Thug and (Z). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Allie X, BASECAMP, Beverly, The Big Pink, Cassie Ramone, Chrome Sparks, DAWN, Radiation City and Your Friend.

C. Scott and the Beltones – Undivided

Double Lined Minority – Closure

Jetta – Take It Easy (Matstubs Remix)

J Hacha De Zola – Strange

Tame Impala – Let It Happen (DeltaFoxx Remix)

Violent Mae – In My Ring

Young Thug – Hercules

(Z) – The Magic
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12 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 11-12-15

We’re in a period of the year that I like to call the doldrums of fall. It’s that time when it’s cold, wet and dark outside a majority of the time, and there’s very little to look forward to outside of holidays that are still weeks away. At least the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a full month of shopping, egg nog and themed parties to attend. The gap between Halloween and Thanksgiving though is a lull, and nearly on par with late January/early February in terms of excitement factor. To put it another way, I’m a little bored and run down. But the great news is that there’s still plenty of new music being pumped out into the world, not to mention plenty of things to review from earlier in the year as “best of” list-making season is right around the corner. So let’s take this moment to pause and reflect before jumping into this fresh edition of Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads from Addie Pray, Deap Valley, DiamondDahi, Germany Germany and Via App. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Atmosphere (ft. Blueprint & Aesop Rock), Freddie Gibbs (ft. Black Thought), Memoryy, Oneohtrix Point Never, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Sunflower Bean, Wet, World Champion and much more.

Addie Pray – Watch TV

the black watch – Pershing/Harvard Square

Carlos Timon – Rose Mary y yo

Daniel Amedee – Everything Will Change

Deap Valley – Royal Jelly

DiamondDahi – N.M.B.D. (ft. Little Simz)

Germany Germany – Tempest

Via App – Baby K Interaction
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11 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-11-15

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you to all of the men and women past and present who have graciously served our country. That service has helped guarantee certain freedoms here in the United States, and Pick Your Poison is among them. There’s another good selection of tracks today, and you shouldn’t miss ones from Benjamin Esterlis, Freja, Husky Rescue, I Am Snow Angel and Krisp. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Bibio, Future, Jazz Cartier, Keys N Krates, Pujol, The She’s, Ski Lodge, Tindersticks and more.

Benjamin Esterlis – Another Ocean

Death and the Penguin – Bitumen

Freja – Empire

Husky Rescue – Under Friendly Fire

I Am Snow Angel – Keep You Out

Kid Froopy – Follow Me

Krisp – 167

Sam Blans – Shout Out Gaia Beat
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10 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 11-10-15

The Tuesday edition of Pick Your Poison has plenty of treats for your ears. Specifically, I’d advise checking out downloads from Aaron Lee Tasjan, Le Rug, Movement and Pollen. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Erykah Badu, High Highs, John Malkovich, Lil Durk (ft. Dej Loaf), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Rare Monk, St. Tropez, SWMRS and more.

Aaron Lee Tasjan – $66 Blues

Emancipator – The Key (Live)

The Head – Jesus

Le Rug – 1779

Lunde Bros – Death Star

Movement – Lace (Demo)

Pollen – Nukulele

WORKERZ ft. Gita – Bass Rider (Ryme Remix)
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09 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Monday 11-9-15

Just came to the realization that there aren’t many week of Pick Your Poison left in 2015. In fact, for much of December the number of fresh PYP posts will be reduced down from most days each week to just one or two days each week to account for less new music being released and more focus on year-end list-making season. We’re getting close! So I guess what I’m trying to say is, enjoy these while they last. In today’s set for example, there are some high quality downloads from Freefall Greenhorn, Frend (ft. Drew Smith), Nina Las Vegas (ft. Snappy Jit) and Ringo Deathstarr (covering T’Pau). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from AKASE (covering The War on Drugs), Damon Eliza Palermo, Daniel Caesar, Frankie Cosmos, Hinds, jj, Palm, WDL (ft. Elliphant) and more.

The African You – aNO

Al Rogers Jr. ft. Blacksage & Blaqstarr – Pomegranate (Bad 4 You)

Avant Garde – No Love Lost

Freefall Greenhorn – You Never Was

Frend – This Goodbye (ft. Drew Smith)

Mid Ayr – Letting You In

Nina Las Vegas – Contagious (ft. Snappy Jit)

Ringo Deathstarr – Heart and Soul (T’Pau cover)
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06 Nov

Show Preview: Ryn Weaver at Park West [11/12]

Back in January, I had the privilege of naming Ryn Weaver to my Class of 2015 project. In case you’re too lazy to click that link, the basic idea is that each year I choose 10 rising artists and closely follow their growth and progress for the next 365 days. My track record is pretty strong, and while nobody will likely ever top the run that Class of 2014 alumnus Sam Smith had last year, a few 2015-ers are holding their own so far. Ryn Weaver is arguably at the top of the pile right now, for a couple different reasons I’ll explain in detail.

First, there’s her debut album The Fool. It came out this summer and is a collection of fun, quality pop songs worth checking out if you haven’t already. More importantly, the record proved the hype behind her first single wasn’t a fluke. Her talents extend well beyond “OctaHate” to showcase introspective lyrics and a powerful vocal range that’ll make your eyes widen and jaw drop. Many wise radio programmers have picked up on this, and provided her some strong exposure on Top 40 and Pop stations around the world. That translates to a growing fan base.

Second, there’s her live show. Weaver performed at every major U.S. music festival this summer, including Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. I was fortunate enough to not only catch her set at Lolla, but an additional aftershow she headlined the night before. Yes, she’s got incredible stage presence and knows how to work a crowd. While there’s a certain element of predictability to her set given she has only released an album and an EP so far in her young career, each song takes on a unique and distinctive life apart from the recorded versions in large part because she performs with a full band. That’s unique for someone who makes pop music, where synthetic backing tracks and overdubs are commonplace on stage. She believes that live performances should be fully LIVE, and they’re all the better because of it. Her vocals only get better too, showcasing an elasticity that goes even beyond what you hear on record.

Third, she loves her fans. I’ve seen plenty of performers go out of their way to stick around after the show and sell/sign merch, which is always nice even though most of the time they just want to make a sale. When I saw Weaver back in August, she didn’t hang out at the merch booth, but instead greeted adoring fans outside of her tour bus. For over an hour. She not only took the time to sign everything people wanted signed, but she took lots of selfies and had lengthy, genuine conversations that arguably lasted a little too long. It took her about 90 minutes to make it through a line of about 20-25 people, so everyone got a highly personal and engaging experience with her. Not sure I’ve ever seen someone display that level of commitment to fans, which really speaks to the kind of person she is.

If you’ll be in Chicago on Thursday, November 12th, you can experience the magic and wonder of Ryn Weaver in person when she plays a show at Park West. It will likely be a wonderful evening, filled with great music and quality opening sets from ASTR and Holychild. The show is all ages and starts at 7, so it should be extra high energy and fun. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased in advance here. Hope to see you there!

05 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 11-5-15

The final Pick Your Poison for this week is another solid collection of tracks. Keep a particular eye (or ear) out for downloads from Frank Rabeyrolles, Moa Holmsten, Space Captain and Tuff Sunshine. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from BASECAMP (ft. Del the Funky Homosapien & Billie Black), The Duchess and the Fox, Ellie Herring, FEMME, Jesse Hale Moore, Santigold (ft. B.C.), Ty Dolla $ign (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Brandy and James Fauntleroy) and more!

Frank Rabeyrolles – In Strata

Hello Phones – Street Wave

Moa Holmsten – You’re Missing

Monty Booker – Baby (ft. Ravyn Lenae)

Mynth – Urge (ft. C-Black)

Sea Moya – Slow Down

Space Captain – Two

Tuff Sunshine – Fire in the Hero Building
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04 Nov

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 11-4-15

There are so many great songs in this mid-week edition of Pick Your Poison, I just want to dive right in without hesitation. Don’t miss downloads from Jennifer Budd, Postcards From Jeff, Raiders of the Lost Art and Velasco. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Club 8, Cool Uncle (ft. Mayer Hawthorne), DIIV, Jlin, Little Simz, Pimp C (ft. Lil Wayne), Rustie, Syracuse and Wet.

Jennifer Budd – Church

Michael Remesi – Until I Get to You

Mizan K – Awe

Postcards From Jeff – Goddess of the Sun

Raiders of the Lost Art – Unhinged the Blessings

Shinobi Ninja – Bang Bang

Velasco – Lose Control

We Are Ardent – Low
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